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What our customers say...
"Thank you for looking after me last week, I had a fantastic time with my new friend Dills, playing all the time and the lovely walks we all went on.  When Mum and Dad go away again they said I could come and stay with you again if you will have me" Buds from Blunsdon xx

 "I am so pleased we have found you. Our two dogs took to you on first sight. It is so nice to know that you are at hand whenever we need you, whether to pop in, walk them or look after them when we are working or have special trips. Being able to leave them at home in their own surroundings is ideal for them and us." LF from North Cerney
We really appreciated your time in coming to meet us before we went away. Cokey, Tate and Lyle were all happy and relaxed when we returned and we couldn't believe how well they looked. All the extra brushing made their coats look amazing. Thank you so so much". BE from Stroud.
Having packed our bags, we say goodbye to Cassius with no guilty feelings. He will be fed and groomed and he will be able to come and go just as he would when we are at home. " TM Blunsdon St Andrew.
" Our Sammy needs lots of stimulation and is so full of energy on his walks. It's great that you have had experience of a rescue collie so you know how to handle him". AJ from Minchinhampton
Sebby loves his tortoise holidays in the Cotswolds. At a grand age of 50 we think he is very special. He still motors around the garden like a youngster exploring and climbing. Being left in such capable hands allows us to enjoy ourselves without worrying and without having to rely on neighbours." HM and HP from London
" I am so pleased that Julie is at last fulfilling her dreams of her own business caring for pets. She has a special way with animals. From as young as 7 years of age she looked after Squeak my guinea-pig as if it were her own. Our school holidays were filled with walking our own dogs, Scruffy and Shane with our neighbours' dogs (three Alsations and a standard poodle) in the parklands and woods. My favourite memories are of us all playing hide and seek with the dogs coming to find us. I wish her every success and we look forward to bringing Dash to stay on our next holiday." TC from Colchester.
" We thought the world of Ellie our Alsation as did Julie who looked after her into her old age - pet sitting for us when we were not at home. Ellie would know before Julie got out of the car who had arrived at our house and greeted her on every occasion as one of our family." BB and BD from Iver.
"I have never forgot the time we came to the house to find a big white rabbit called Ozo hopping around the house like a kitten. She was so unusually friendly and playful. Her party tricks included opening and closing the kitchen door with a scarf, using the computer chair as a maypole and when you were not looking grabbing packets of crisps out of your hands and running away with them. The new rabbits Cute and Cuddles are just as cheeky and will often be seen leaping around in the garden." KT from Cricklade
"I am really impressed with All Paws services - all the animals were really happy and content on my return. I liked the written report - a really good idea - all was excellent. And really nice pictures thank you. I will definitely be interested in your gifts with pet pictures and will definitely be phoning you again when in need of help". EE Gloucestershire
"Poppy knows when we pull up on the drive that she has arrived at a special place where she can romp and play and have rough and tumbles with her best friend Dills. She barks with delight and waggs her whole body with anticipation". SJ from Winchester.
"Our stay in the Cotswolds was only temporary and we are now back home in Surrey. I just wanted to say a big thankyou for all the care you have given our two cats Nizzy and Tiwwy. You provide a first class service and I am sorry to be leaving you behind. Many thanks" MF Surrey.
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