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Happy and healthy pets!

Emotional, physical, spiritual and social well being.............

...We show you how to facilitate  your own pet's wellness journey through guided sessions in Botanical Self-healing

 Offering your pets natural plant based remedies:
Nature offers a wonderful world of healing for body and mind,  physicially, emotionally and spiritually. 

Botanical self healing is the process of gently offering botanicals and facilitating the opportunity to self-select.

It is amazing, empowering and humbling!!

Explore the fascinating world of botanical self-healing for pets:

Strengthen the bond with your pets.

Provide a natural choice for your pets, enabling them to choose plant based remedies that they innately select.

Help an ailing or ageing pet with a tonic to perk them up or help them through a difficult time.

Observe choice, trust and create a powerful connection between you.

Sessions may help with:  anxieties, car sickness, settling into a new environment, fear of noise, digestive issues, aches and pains and discomfort, healing wounds, allergies, loss of a companion, ability to settle, detoxing, immune support, tonic following illness or trauma..... and more.....

Sessions can also be offered to maintain health and fitness without any obvious illness or ailments, your pet can benefit at any time......simply giving the opportunity is a wonderful experience for them and you..

Botanical self-healing is an incredible facility and can be used alongside veterinary care, please note that it is not a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment.

How does it work?

First we create a safe space to listen and heal,

Then together we offer the botanicals and observe the responses,

Remedies are never forced on the animal or put in their food and animals are always free to walk away.

A session may last from an hour up to three hours, offering a wide range of herbs, powders, minerals etc., plant based hydrosols and essential oils.

I will send you details of your pets chosen remedies and how to offer them going forward,

You can keep in touch and share you and your pet's journey,

Follow up sessions can be arranged,

Please contact me to find out more, to book a session and to start your amazing journey....


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